Great Wall Toboggan Ride by Dave

So we stayed near the Great Wall at Mutianyu which is a little less touristy than other parts of the wall. We also stayed at our own little farmhouse which meant we could just walk to the entrance in the morning before all the tour buses came. You originally had to hike up and down to the wall. Then they put in a chair lift up and toboggan ride down. Genius.

Here is the first picture you see when you get off the chair lift-


Yes that is a picture of Michelle Obama on the Toboggan down ) with Secret Service guy behind her.

Wanted to try out my new GoPro out (thanks Zack Martin) so this was a perfect opportunity. Its a little long, but the commentary by Grace will keep you interested. If you get a chance to see the Great Wall you should definitely check this out!

Had some issues downloading this movie clip to this site so let me know if you can’t view it.



  1. Carolyn and Doug · October 13, 2015

    Had fun coming down the toboggan with you and Gracie. Loved her commentary!!
    Carolyn and Doug


  2. Caroline · October 17, 2015

    That toboggan ride looked sooooooooo fun!!!!!!!!!!!! The screeching added a little extra thrill! 😉 Definitely cool to be able to see it just like you guys through the GoPro. I can easily see why you guys went back just to do it again. Missing you guys like crazy!!!


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