Dave- Looking forward to Tokyo, New Zealand, Vietnam, Portugal, Turkey, Greece, Scandinavia. Curious to see what countries get added to this list. I see this trip being a food and art tour. Going to work on my photography, catch up on sleep (I work west coast stock market hours), and reading books that have no practical use or utility. Finally-looking forward to spending time with the kids before they want nothing to do with me and taking advantage of the strong dollar.

Kelly –  I love to read, bake, exercise, and spend time with friends and family.  I love the city I live in, San Francisco, and I love Lake Tahoe.  I am so excited to be going on this journey with my family!   I can’t even begin to pick what I’m most excited to see on this adventure.  What I really think is going to be amazing is seeing the world through my daughters eyes and showing them how big the world is, how different, how similar, how awesome.

Lauren- Hello my name is Lauren I love to read.   My favorite book is going to be Harry Potter I think, once I finish the book.  My favorite color is blue.  I love monkeys.  I’m really excited for Japan because of the toilets.  I want to see the toilets because the seats are heated and some of them play music.  I also love dogs.

Claire-  Hello everyone!  I’m Claire the oldest sister.  I am obsessed with horses and my favorite color is blue.  I also like to read, write and play sports.  My favorite book so far is Harry Potter.  I am most excited for Greece and Portugal.  I am excited for Greece because every since I read the Percy Jackson series I have loved Greek Mythology. I am excited for Portugal because I am going to meet cousins that I haven’t met before!  YAY!  My current favorite foods are bacon and my mom’s homemade lasagna, but I am looking forward to trying fresh seafood from the Mediterranean.  The thing I am going to miss most about San Francisco is school.  I will miss seeing my friends daily.  I could just keep going and going, but I can’t make this too long, Toodles for now!  Keep on visiting!

Grace- Hello! I’m Grace the younger sister.  I am so exited to go on this trip!  My favorite color is purple.  I think purple is a very pretty color.  My favorite book is Isle of the Lost.  I love this new movie called Descendants. I love pandas. I’m excited to go to Italy and Paris because Italy it has good food. Paris because it has great fashion. My age is 7 I was born in 2007. The thing I’m going to miss most about San Francisco is my grandparents and my home. I’ll miss my home because I’m used to waking up at home. I’ll miss my grandparents because  we go over there almost every week. I’m sad were missing this year because it’s our great grandpas 100th birthday.


  1. Louie · August 14, 2015

    Congrats. Send me your gmail.


  2. Sanjay · August 17, 2015

    This is brilliant!!!!! By the way, did you pack battery power packs? I bought this cheap one from the airport and then lost it. I just found it two months later and it STILL had enough juice to charge two iphones fully….


    • dsalonso1 · August 17, 2015

      Hey Sanjay. Yes we packed two anker battery packs. Also have lifeproof cases to make the phones waterproof. Hope you are doing well bro.


  3. Lynn, Scott, Olivia and Alex · August 20, 2015

    So…how’s it going?? Heard you went bowling

    Have fun. Miss you all!!!

    Luv Alex


  4. Lil Tennis Player · August 21, 2015

    Hi Alonso Family! How are doing in Tokyo? How is the sushi? Will you take the fast train? Will miss you at US Open this year! Can you send some pics of any tasty local cuisine? Lil & Danny🌺😀


    • dsalonso1 · August 23, 2015

      Hey guys-will miss the U.S. Open, but just got tix for the Australian and planning on going to the French!


  5. Kara · August 21, 2015

    So excited! WHOOPWHOOP! Stalking you! XO Kara Michael and Lucia!


  6. Krieg · October 21, 2015

    Dave, go for the roadie haircut, it will always grow back…or just don’t get it cut at all for the entire year…speaking from experience here.


  7. Joe & Sinead · October 24, 2015

    Hello Alonso family!
    It was great to meet you all at the Siam Rice cooking school in Chiang Mai and on the ride back. It was great to chat and hear about your adventures. We look forward to following along and learning from your trip so we can follow in your footsteps someday.
    Joe & Sinead
    San Jose, CA


    • dsalonso1 · October 24, 2015

      So good to meet you as well!! Thanks for following. Have fun and safe travels.
      The Alonso Family


  8. Sean · November 3, 2015

    Dave, Kell, and the girls, it’s been fun keeping track of all of your travels. Great to see that everyone is holding up well. I just got caught up reading about your Shanghai trip. Did you guys meet a gal named Kelley Lee? She’s a partner in Sproutworks, Cantina Agave, and Liquid Laundry. Kelley was one of the first people I met in Shanghai when I moved there in 2004. What a small world!

    Did you guys get a chance to meet up with Tony “Tuan” Truong while in Vietnam?

    Too bad you guys weren’t able to make a stop on Guam! Looking forward to reading about your future travel adventures.


    • dsalonso1 · November 3, 2015

      Yes we did meet Kelly. Too funny. Truong was mia


  9. Deirdre · January 16, 2016

    Good afternoon The Alonso Family.
    I had the absolute pleasure of checking you in for your flight to Melbourne today 16 Jan 2016.
    Wow, what an amazing adventure you guys are on!!! You have inspired me to take a gab year and travel the world. As a child we were not lucky enough to travel and see new places. I only started travelling about 8 years ago and I have never had a gap year. I am so excited to read all about your travels and I have started sharing your story with some of my colleagues at work.
    Thank you for been such an inspiration to me.

    Have fun and enjoy every moment. Sending safe travels to all of you. 🙂


    • dsalonso1 · January 16, 2016

      Thank you so much for checking on us and all of your thoughts about our trip. It has been quite a journey and if we can be an inspiration to anyone, that is amazing!! Please keep following and let us know if you are ever in San Francisco on your future travels 🙂


      • Deirdre · January 17, 2016

        Thanks Kelly. I just remembered that you guys went to Carins and not Melbourne. So many people that I checked in I got confused. I hope you guys enjoy Carins, Melbourne and Australia. I look forward to seeing more posts. 😊


  10. Lynn · February 7, 2016

    Hi Alonso family! I thought of you today and looked this up. What a great adventure! It looks like you are really enjoying it. Hi to the girls from Riley and Charlotte! Xx


    • dsalonso1 · February 8, 2016

      Good to hear from you Lynn. Hi to everyone!


  11. jill d · April 14, 2016

    Nice to meet you Kelly! Reach out if you want the recs we talked about. xx


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