Zorbing – By Grace

Hello!!!!  Grace again.  I haven’t blogged in a long time.  Right now we are in New Zealand.  In Rotorua we did this thing called Zorbing.  Zorbing is where you roll down hills in these giant blow up balls with water in them!!!!  The zorbes are one big ball with a small one inside that you sit in.  If you are claustrophobic don’t do this.


You drive up a hill to where it starts. I would advise to wear your swimsuits there, or you could bring them to change in to.  You wait on a platform and when it’s your turn you dive into the ball.

There are two courses – one which you roll straight down and the second one you roll down a curvy hill.  We were supposed to do one time straight and one time curvy.  It was too much fun though, so we did the curvy one again. The people who work there advise you to do the wet one not the dry one, which is no water in the big zorb.  You can do the dry one, but they say it isn’t that much fun.  You should bring an extra pair of clothes just  in case yours get wet.  There are hot tubs after so you can jump in – that was great!


The water in the ball is warm.  It might get a little steamy in there, so if they give you a go pro you can take it, but it might get steamy.

After you roll down the hill they will take pictures of you in the ball and out.  The videos and photos altogether are about fifty dollars or so.

We were told Zorbing began when the owner wanted to walk on water like Jesus.  So he made blow up shoes.  Then he fell in the water and couldn’t get back up with those on – weird, huh?  He then tried a blow up ball on the water and it worked.  So that is how it all started. 

Clairbear, Lauren and Daddy did it with me.  Mom gets motion sick so she didn’t do it.  You don’t roll like a hamster.  I mean you can try, you just will fall.  You don’t get motion sick.  It rolls around – you just slide.  Hope you all liked my blog!!!!!

ta ta



  1. jmulljr@comcast.net · December 25, 2015

    Merry Christmas


  2. Lola · December 26, 2015

    Gracie! What a blog! You described it so well I felt like I was diving in with you! That is a crazy sport! Wow! You and Claire and Lauren have experienced a lot! Can’t wait to read the next blog! Love and hugs to you, Claire, and Lauren!


  3. Mary K. Drennan · December 27, 2015

    Wow! that sounds like a lot of fun.

    Mary K.


  4. Carolyn and Doug · January 2, 2016

    That was a great blog. How fun to roll down the hill in that giant ball!! You and your sisters are having a great experience. I remember telling you that you would love New Zealand. We are so glad that you are seeing that part of the world. We love receiving your blogs. I check my emails everyday to see if a new blog has been posted.
    Love all of you,
    Ce Ce and Pa Pa


  5. Joan Pieri · January 3, 2016

    That sure looks like a lot of fun…To be young again!!!


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