Going Back in Time…Thoughts on Cambodia by Dave

(Disclaimer-This post is out of chronological order but I’m sure you don’t mind)

Siem Reap, Cambodia-This is as close as I’m ever going to get to feeling like Indiana Jones.

Cambodia is probably the poorest country we will probably visit on this journey. Its a country that has been to hell and back, just a brutal recent history. The six days we spend here though-all in Siem Reap-was pretty awe inspiring. We were here to mainly visit the Temples of Angkor and they did not disappoint.

Its hard to convey the scale of it all. Kinda mind blowing to think that this was probably the largest city in the world a 1,000 years ago, with a population close to 1 million at a time when London had a population of about 50,000.  All built without the use of mortar, several stories high, in about 30 years. European cathedrals took hundreds of years to build. What the hell? Then the whole place gets abandoned, the jungle swallows it up, and it’s then rediscovered (by Europeans at least) in the mid 1850’s. Could you imagine stumbling onto this place?

It gets to a point where you just keep taking pictures and everything looks so amazing to you that it gets downright silly. Not that any of the pictures really do it justice.

We hired a great guide named Picheth. The tour guides here remind me of Park Rangers back home, they all wear the same uniform, but they meet you at the hotel. They charge about $40 a day. Having a guide with us made a world of difference. Picheth was great!1  We tried to avoid the mid day head and spend time in the hotel or by the pool. It’s the most oppressive heat I’ve experienced in a while-and it wasn’t even the hottest time of the year. By 10:30am or so you pretty much feel like you are in a sauna. We had plenty of meltdowns due to the heat- I would too if I were only 8. Thankfully our driver had cold water and cold towels at every stop.


Traveling with Kids-Our guide Picheth imparting some priceless knowledge. Girls more interested in a big bug.

We visited the 3 main temple sites- Angkor Tom (lots of Buddha heads), Ta Prohm (still covered by the jungle), and Angkor Wat (the most famous, the most well preserved). They were all cool for different reasons.

Here is Angkor Tom-

thumb_IMG_1456_1024 thumb_IMG_1429_1024 thumb_IMG_1422_1024 thumb_DSCF3917_1024  thumb_DSCF3905_1024

Ta Prohm was my favorite as it showed how the temple probably looked as it was rediscovered by Westerners.  It is also where the film Tomb Raider was shot.

thumb_IMG_7658_1024 thumb_IMG_7657_1024IMG_1570IMG_1599IMG_1615IMG_1624IMG_1635

Angkor Wat (all the pictures on the internet are better)


This is not a river-its a gigantic MAN MADE moat


The precursor to Uber



We also went on a trip to see a floating village. There are two seasons-wet and dry.  When the rain comes, the river gets too full, that it pushes back up towards Siem Reap and floods, making the river a lake for part of the year.  During the wet season they fish, and when the water recedes, they plant rice.  You have to build your house on stilts. It was crazy to see a wooden boat full of uniformed school kids heading to class on the river.

thumb_IMG_7745_1024 thumb_IMG_7744_1024

We also visited an orphanage in Siem Reap. Our hotel arranged it and we brought them a huge bag of rice ($30 worth) and some school supplies (Notebooks, pens, colored pencils). We hung out with the kids (of all ages) for a couple of hours in the afternoon. They all spoke pretty good english. We all sat down with the head of the orphanage to ask him questions. It was pretty heavy hearing about the all the situations that brought the kids there, but it was good for the girls to hear it and see how they lived. It was just one afternoon, but they all seemed pretty happy, they did tons of origami and made paper airplanes with the girls and they played monkey in the middle with them as well.


The girls at the orphanage

We really didn’t wander around the city too much. We were busy seeing the temples and swimming to save us from the heat.

Our hotel lobby had giant lily pads. Go ask Alice….when she’s ten feet tall….


Double Trouble-happy times in an air conditioned room



Local Dance Show

Random thoughts on Cambodia

-Everyone here uses the good ole U.S. Dollar and the prices aren’t as cheap as I thought they would be-probably because it’s the biggest tourist oriented city in the country.

-Every room in our hotel had a copy of Angelina Jolie’s Tomb Raider.

-Sad to see the decapitated Buddha statues in the temples, a product of foreign demand and people trying to make a living during/after a brutal civil war.

-Our guide mentioned that the global real estate bull market is alive and well in Siem Reap

Siem Reap is a really cool place. Really glad we could see it, especially at this time. With the increase in tourism to the temples you would have to think at some point they wouldn’t just let you walk around where ever you wanted. I hope that Cambodia can continue to move forward.

thumb_IMG_1509_1024 thumb_IMG_1507_1024 thumb_IMG_1496_1024

thumb_IMG_1493_1024 thumb_IMG_1492_1024 thumb_IMG_1490_1024

Until Next Time Cambodia! From the Funky Pants Club



  1. Carolyn and Doug · November 8, 2015

    Dave, Nice to hear from you. That was a great blog!! We felt like we were there with you.
    What an experience for the girls. Glad they were able to experience the orphanage.
    Looking forward to another blog from you!!
    Carolyn and Doug


  2. Mom · November 8, 2015

    Son, what an awesome experience for all of you, most especially for the kids! What an exposure for the kids: the temples, visiting an orphanage, seeing how their houses are built and how the kids go to school, amazing! Love reading your blog – very informative with a twist of humor. Keep on blogging! Btw the pictures are great, love the girls’ pants! Hugs to all. Love, mom


  3. Chris Glubka · November 18, 2015

    Awesome job keeping us posted on your whereabouts. Great reading the girls’ writings too. Good to the kiddos getting involved. I laughed when I read this Cambodia post because I’m watching Survivor Cambodia where one of the tribe names is Angkor, and you’re there living it!


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